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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

Soon-to-be parents or parents that are already blessed with babies might be thinking: “what diapers will be best for my baby?”, “Disposable diapers or cloth diapers?” Or “I want to use cloth diapers but it’s too much work, I can’t deal with that”, etc.

In the modern world, disposable diapers are easy to use and manage. In contrast, cloth diapers may require more work, but it is an ideal choice for babies. They are washable, come with no chemicals, and are hygienic. To know more about cloth diapers we have created the ultimate guide to choosing the best type of cloth diapers for your baby.

Types of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers for newborns come in a variety of types. Some of the most common and popular baby cloth diapers are as follows:

1.  Prefold Cloth Diapers

One of the most ancient cloth diapers, pre-folds are rectangular pieces of cloth that are folded and stitched with many layers in the middle. These diapers require an additional waterproof outer layer to cover leaks and mess. However, the major advantage of the pre-fold diaper is that it dries faster.

2.  Flat Cloth Diapers

Flat Cloth diapers are rectangular with a single layer of cloth. These are the most comfortable type of cloth diapers for babies. It is highly reusable, less prone to smell, and dries faster, but is less absorbent.

3.  Pocket Cloth Diapers

It is the most loved alternative for disposable diapers. It is dry-free, has more absorbency, and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks. The pocket diaper comes with a pocket inside or near the hip elastic opening to stuff inserts inside.

4.  Cover Cloth Diapers

It comes with only a waterproof layer which makes it suitable to use with pre-fold diapers and flat diapers. Cover cloth diapers do not have a dry feel layer so they can be reused without washing if the baby has not pooped.

5.  All-in-one Cloth Diapers

It provides both an absorbent layer and a waterproof outer layer just like disposable diapers. You cannot stuff or detach inserts in all-in-one cloth diapers. You have to toss the whole diaper in the laundry when it gets dirty.

When to use Cloth Diapers?

You can use cloth diapers right after the meconium stage (the first poop of your baby) without any worry. It’s a myth that a baby gets uncomfortable and it’s bulky for them. Use cloth diapers according to their features. For example, you can use flat diapers with covered cloth diapers for a newborn in the daytime as it dries faster. For night-time, you can use pre-fold diapers with pockets or cover diapers at night time.

How much did Cloth Diapers Cost?

The most common type of thing that parents worry about is the cost of cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are expensive, but they are washable and reusable. So, you only need to buy it twice or thrice which is enough for 3 years of diaper expenses.

How to wash cloth diapers?

Washing cloth diapers is a very easy process with simple steps. You can wash them in a cloth washer or with your hands.

For washing the diapers with hands, soak the diapers for 30 minutes, rub well and rinse them with plain water.  In machine wash, choose the cotton cycle at the right temperature and run the machine for about 20 minutes for pre-wash and 40 minutes for the main wash.

Are Cloth Diapers Better than Disposable Diapers?

Disposable diapers are better in terms of comfort and convenience. It’s easy to wear, and remove and does not require maintenance. However, it is not right for your baby’s hygiene and can create some health problems. That is not the case with cloth diapers. Organic cloth diapers are beneficial in the following way:

  •     No harmful chemicals
  •     Waste management
  •     Cost-effective
  •     Reusable
  •     Hygienic and comfortable
  •     No diaper rashes

Cloth diapers for newborn babies are a great way to promote healthier hygiene practices. It is a cost-effective solution that is very comfortable and useful in many ways. You can choose any type of cloth diaper according to your baby’s needs and your convenience. Geffen Baby manufactures a wide range of cloth diapers for newborns’ sensitive skin.

Let’s invest in your baby’s comfort. Shop baby cloth diapers from Geffen baby right away.