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3 reasons to use cloth diapers since birth or during the newborn stage

"Cloth diapering since birth is so hard" Is it a myth? Or is there some truth in this comment?

Cloth diapering can be hard sometimes, we're not gonna lie about it. But we've worked hard to make it as easy as possible.

If you're wondering whether or not try cloth in the first few days of life, here's some support for you.

  1. Cloth diapering since the first week makes cleaning easier. Meconium and milk poop can be tricky, it can be a mess. But when your baby is in cloth diapers, the mess is contained inside the diaper. Just close it, wipe your baby, deal with the poop later (a.k.a. toss it in the washing machine).

  2. During the first few months babies go through a LOT of diaper changes a day. But you only need 15-25 cloth diaper changes if you plan to use cloth exclusively (if you choose flats or prefolds, you can get away with at least half the amount of covers). And most diapers will be used until potty learning.

  3. The transition is easier. Sometimes, when we're used to disposable diapers, we find more difficult to guesstimate how much absorbency our baby needs. Instead, when you use cloth since birth (exclusive or not) it's easier to know how much absorbency your LO needs and when it's time to double up.

If you think exclusively cloth diaper is a lot, you can try just a couple to get the hang of it. Soon you'll find yourself thinking "Why didn't I go all in from the beginning?"

Let us know what you think in the comments. If you already cloth diaper, leave a comment to support those who are not so sure yet.