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All About Fitted Cloth Diapers

What is a fitted cloth diaper?

Fitteds cloth diapers are an absorbency that is sewn into a contoured shape that mimics the shape of a diaper. They have form-fitting elastic sewn in around the legs and at the back, for a snug fit. Fitteds wrap around your baby with no folding necessary which makes this an easy diaper to use. Geffen fitteds are made from premium cotton with 8 layers of absorbency in the middle.

Fitteds with Snaps

Fitteds can have a snap closure on the outside to secure it around your baby. This can make diaper changes quick and easy. 

Geffen Baby Fitted with snaps. 100% Natural Cotton Diaper.


Snapless Fitteds 

Fitteds can have no closure on the outside of the diaper and we call that a "snapless fitted". Since there is no closure, we recommend using a Snappi or pins to secure the fitted around your baby.

Geffen Baby Cotton Fitted without snaps



Fitteds are made from several layers of absorbent material that are sewn together. All of our fitteds at Geffen Baby are made with 100% cotton.  Fitteds are just the absorbency of the diaper so you will need a cover to go over it to make it water resistant. You can also add absorbency according to you baby's needs. by layering Absorbers for the longer car ride to nap time or overnight.


Our fitteds come in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit.. The fitteds at Geffen come in these sizes:

XS Preemie - 10lbs

Small 9-15lbs

Medium 15-24lbs

Large 21-30lbs 

Don't Forget a Cover!

A fitted cloth diaper is solely made of absorbent fabric which means there's no waterproofing/water-resistant material included. In order to make this a complete diapering system you'll need a diaper cover to go over it.  

Why Consider Fitted Diapers?

Fitted cloth diaprs are absorbent and easy to fasten around your baby. Fitteds are a great solution for heavy wetters and can be used as a nighttime diaper.    Fitted diapers are a great diaper to consider if you're wanting to use natural fibers.

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