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100% Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps -
Baby wearing a Geffen Baby Fitted cloth diaper with snaps. Organic cotton is soft and comfortable.
100% Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps -
Geffen Baby Fitted Diaper Review: I'm really loving the fitted diaper, definitely check it out if you're interested in cloth diapering. Victoria Quinney
Geffen baby fitted diaper review: This is one of my favorite diaper systems. I'm really loving the fitted diaper. Victoria Quinney
100% Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps -
100% Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps -
100% Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps -

Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps

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Your ideal solution for a comfortable, customizable, and eco-friendly diapering

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Quality meets sustainability, bringing forth a product you and your baby can trust with Geffen Baby's Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps. Embracing the softness of 100% pure, natural cotton, this infant fitted diaper ensures that your baby's delicate skin is surrounded by natural fibers, free from any synthetic irritants.  

Key Features

  1. Convenient, Durable Snaps: Makes changing time a breeze. Designed to adjust to your growing baby, guaranteeing a snug yet flexible fit from infancy to potty training. Includes crossover snaps to help make the waist smaller on younger babies. 
  2. Entirely absorbent: 100% of this fitted cloth diaper is absorbent. That means the absorbent area is exponentially larger than standard reusable diaper inserts. 
  3. Washes Easily, Dries Quickly: With no integrated waterproof layer blocking the cleaning and drying processes, you'll get cleaner washes and quicker drying times.
  4. Breathable: The 100% cotton layers and no built-in waterproof layer give you the highest level of airflow possible. This helps tremendously for infants with diaper rash issues.
  5. Versatility: Pair it with your favorite diaper cover to create a leak-proof combination that will hold up through naps, nighttime, and playtime adventures.


  • Daytime Cloth Diaper: The Geffen Baby Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper with Snaps packs plenty of absorbency to keep your baby dry. Use any cloth diaper cover you have to make it completely waterproof. 
  • Nighttime Cloth Diaper: Add one of our Geffen Baby Hemp Absorbers Insert and punch up the absorbency!  Lanolized wool covers work great over fitted diapers, but you can use any diaper cover you have to make the diaper waterproof. 

Save money and bundle with a Hemp Absorber. For those days when your baby needs a little extra protection, add a hemp absorber to this fitted diaper. The natural hemp inserts enhance the diaper's absorbency, making for an unbeatable duo that stands up to even the heaviest of wetters.

Natural 100% Cotton, Made with love in Pakistan.

Experience the best cotton cloth diapers with Geffen Baby! Your baby will thank you <3 


XS: Approx. preemie -10 lb

Small: Approx 9 -15 lb

Medium: Approx 15-24 lb

Large: Approx 21 - 30+ lb