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Geffen Baby quick absorbers. 5 layers of hemp / organic cotton. Trim and absorbent cloth diaper  inserts
Quick Absorbers Reusable Diaper Inserts -
Quick Absorbers Reusable Diaper Inserts -

Quick Absorbers Reusable Diaper Inserts

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Ultimate in comfort, unparalleled absorbency, fit, and easy cleaning in one versatile, USA-made diaper insert

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Our Quick Absorbers feature a unique quick-absorb technology that ensures rapid absorption, keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day or night. The versatile design fits most diaper sizes and styles, making it a perfect addition to your baby care routine.

Key Features

  1. Superior Material: Made from five layers of 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton Jersey. This combination makes for a strong, thin, slightly stretchy insert.

  2. Added Strength and Absorbency: The added hemp content allows for added absorbency, durability & anti-mildew, and anti-microbial properties.
  3. Trim Design: Their trim design makes layering easy without adding unnecessary bulk, promising a snug fit every time.
  4. Compatibility: Our inserts are compatible with all brands of cloth diapers. Stuff inside pockets or lay on top of any cover in your collection. Completely safe against baby's skin. 


5” x 13.5” before washing, approximately 4.5” x 12.5” after fully prepping with an approximate absorbency of 4 ounces.*

Perfect fit in XS or Small cloth diapers/covers or as a doubler in any diaper.

Trim enough to layer to customize absorbency. *All shrinkage and absorbency estimates are approximate and vary based on the fabric batch.

Cloth Diapers. Only Better. 

American-made diapers. Knit, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles, CA. Elevate your existing cloth diapers with Geffen Baby.