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Super Absorbent Geffen Baby Fleece Cloth Diaper Prefolds - Size Extra Small with orange trim, 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton
Geffen Baby Fleece Cloth Diaper Prefold folding in thirds laying inside a cloth diaper cover
Geffen baby Fleece Cloth Diaper Prefolds layed side by side and slighlty folded lengthwise to show size comparison.
Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefold Review from Karmen Otto: I have gotten along super well with this prodect and I have been incredibly please, and it really does make me want to try other things from the company too.
Review from Kerin Napoliello of the Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold: In an XL diaper it's perfect, it's wide enought that there's no gaps on the side, so you have full coverage for overnight, we've tested that out. I don't have a heavy wetter but this would awesome in any overnight setup. I'm loving this prefold.
Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold Review from Kerin Napoliello: This can be worn as a prefold. I've tried it out on my 38 lbs 3.5 year old and it does fit, but we don't use it like that. We use it as an insert. You can trifold it and that works, but my favorite way is to quadfold it, it is insane absorbency and it is perfect size for XL diapers.
Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Prefolds Review from Karmen Otto: Night diapering has been the hardest thing to figure out on our journey with cloth diapers. So I get hesitant when I'm going to try Something new. This is actually the first time that I went and I didn't doubt, that I didn't have even the slightest doubt that this was going to be something that would exceed expectations with night time.
Nighttime Use Geffen Baby Fleece Prefolds - Size Small with green trim, 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton
Game changing Geffen Baby Fleece Prefolds - Size M/L with purple trim, 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton
Great for Toddlers, Geffen Baby Fleece Prefolds - Size XL with navy trim, 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton

Fleece Cloth Diaper Prefold | Hemp / Organic Cotton

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Super Absorbent, Innovative Fleece Hemp Fabric. No More Leaks. No More Stink! You need an upgrade!

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Embark on a diapering journey with the highest hemp content in the market. Designed specifically for those heavy wetters our Hemp Fleece Prefolds amplify absorbing power beyond your expectations.

The ultimate solution for parents seeking a reliable, eco-friendly diapering option that promises to keep leaks and odors at bay! With Geffen Baby's groundbreaking blend of 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton, you'll experience unprecedented absorbency, comfort, and peace of mind

Key Features

  1. Highly Absorbent: Hemp is the most absorbent of all the natural fiber blends used to make cloth diapers. And the cotton fleece only adds to that absorbency.
  2. Soft and comfortable: Despite its durability, hemp fabric is also soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin, providing a comfortable and breathable diapering option.
  3. Sustainable: Hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that requires fewer resources to grow compared to other textile crops, making Geffen Baby hemp prefolds a more environmentally friendly choice.
  4. Easy to Wash: Hemp has natural antimicrobial properties, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors in the diaper, making them easy to clean. 
  5. Made in the USA


XS: (Orange Trim) 12.5”x13.5” before washing, 10.25”x11.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 9-10 ounces – Use in XS/S diapers & on newborn babies

S: (Green Trim) 14.5”x16” before washing, 12.25”x13.5” after washing, absorbs approximately 13-14 ounces – Use in small diapers & on infants

M/L: (Lavender Trim) 16”x18.5” before washing, 13.75”x15.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 16-17 ounces – Use in M/L diapers and on crawlers/walkers. Fits from about 12 months on. 

XL: ( Navy Trim) 18”x21.5” before washing, 16”x18.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 23-24 ounces – Use in XL/toddler diapers, or fold the length down for smaller babies

Note: All shrinkage and absorbency estimates are approximate and vary based on the fabric batch.

Exceptional Absorbency, Unmatched Quality

Crafted with the modern parent in mind, these cloth diaper prefolds are designed to seamlessly integrate with any cloth diaper system. Whether you place it inside a cover or stuff it into a pocket diaper, folding and fitting these prefolds is a breeze, making diaper changes quick and easy.

Hemp's remarkable absorbent qualities mean that with Geffen Baby, you're getting the best for your baby and the environment. Try Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Cloth Diaper Prefolds today! 

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Customer Reviews

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They hold SO MUCH. Gets our heavy wetter through the night with no leaks and no discomfort