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Cloth 101

Cloth Diapers 101

Cloth diapers? You mean like Grandma used?

Not quite! Cloth diapers today are soft, trim, absorbent and oh-so cute.

Why would I want to use cloth? Would you rather wear paper underthings, or soft cloth? Cloth diapers are soft, trim, absorbent and chemical-free. They save your family money and keep tons of diaper garbage out of the landfill.

Aren’t cloth diapers expensive? The initial cost may seem daunting however, it is a one-time cost. Have you added up how much disposable diapers are costing you? If you are expecting and want to cloth diaper, consider setting aside the money you’d spend on disposables. By the time your baby is due to arrive, you will have what you need to buy cloth!


Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers consist of an outer, water resistant material and inner fabric, with a pocket in between for inserting absorbent material. These diapers must be washed after one use.

Fitted Diapers

A fitted diaper is fully made of absorbent material and does not have a waterproof layer. It must be used with a cover to be waterproof.

All in One Diapers

These diapers are similar to pocket diapers however, the absorbent material is included in the diaper. These are most similar to disposables, though you wash them after using!


A cover is the waterproof layer to use over fitted diapers, prefolds & flats. They can also be used with washable or disposable inserts to create an all-in-two system (see below.) Covers can be laminated polyester (PUL), wool, fleece and even nylon.

All in Two Diapers

An all in two diaper consists of an outer cover and absorbent inserts that snap or lay in. This system is convenient and cost effective since you can reuse the cover until it is soiled. Create your own system with your favorite cover and Geffen Baby absorbers, prefolds or flats.

Prefold Diapers

A prefold is a rectangle of fabric sewn together (like a flat that has been pre-folded.) Your mother may have used these on you! Prefolds are a great way to cloth diaper a newborn, they make absorbent pocket diaper or AI2 inserts as well. They can be trilfolded and laid in a cover; no pins necessary!

Flat Diapers

Flat diapers may seem intimidating, but they are simple to use and quite versatile. Fold them in any number of ways to put the absorbency where your baby needs it, or simply “pad fold” (fold in quarters, then in thirds) and lay in a cover.

Why hemp?

Hemp is very absorbent, trim, naturally anti-microbial, and safe to use directly against baby’s skin.


Washing cloth diapers doesn’t have to be complicated! Before your baby starts eating solid foods, diapers can go right in the wash. After that, simply shake solids into the toilet, and wash.

The most common successful wash routine is a rinse followed by a hot wash with detergent & double rinse. If you see detergent bubbles in your rinse cycle, rinse again.


Wash & dry your hemp products at least 3 times before using. They will continue to gain absorbency through 8-10 washes.

Stinky diapers

There is lots of advice on things to add to your wash to deal with stinky diapers; sometimes this can make it worse! If your diapers do not smell clean coming out of the wash, increase your detergent amount (add an extra rinse if you need to.) If they smell stinky when your baby wets, you may have detergent buildup. Run the diapers through hot washes until the water is clean, then consider reducing the amount of detergent you use and/or adding an extra rinse. Most of the time, these steps resolve issues.


Inevitably, diapers will be stained. You can use liners to prevent it, or rinse dirty diapers right away. Believe it or not, the best stain remover is the sun! While your diapers are still wet, hang or lay them in direct sun. You can even do this on a cloudy day.

Rash Creams

Many families find that their baby has fewer rashes with cloth diapers however, you may occasionally need to use a rash cream. Please do not use “standard” rash cream with zinc oxide on your diapers. If you find you must use them, use a liner to protect your diapers. You may use “cloth diaper safe” rash creams which are generally made of natural oils, but use a thin layer on baby, and avoid applying it directly to the diapers. Many families have great success using a thin layer of coconut oil as rash cream.

Using Cloth Wipes

Many families find that cloth wipes are more convenient to use than disposables when using cloth diapers. Moisten ahead of time or as you use them. Use plain water or wipes solution, either store bought or homemade. Simply wash them with your diapers and enjoy the savings.

Why Geffen Baby

Geffen Baby’s hemp products are completely USA made, from the knitting, to the cutting and sewing. Fabric is knitted vs. woven, which makes them incredibly soft. At 60% hemp/40% organic cotton, they have a higher hemp content than anything else on the market!

Geffen Baby has a variety of products, including imported cotton (unbleached or organic) prefolds and 100% cotton snapless fitteds.


These universal inserts are 5 layers of 60% hemp/40% organic cotton. Available in newborn/doubler sizes through full size inserts, choose from hemp jersey or hemp fleece. The 3 layer microfiber Ultra Absorber is a very affordable way to refresh your pocket diapers.

Hemp Prefolds Available in 4 sizes, our hemp prefolds are 4 layers of super thirsty hemp jerseyor hemp fleece. Even very heavy wetters have great success using these at night time!

Hemp Flats

Though your Grandma may have used flats, these aren’t your grandma’s flats! A single layer of 60% hemp/40% organic cotton jersey, Geffen Baby flat diapers are soft, stretchy and are quick and easy to wash and dry (great for hand washing.) They can be “pad folded” into an insert shaped rectangle to use in a pocket diaper or cover.

Hemp/Cotton Wipes

Geffen Baby wipes are available in 100% cotton or a hemp/cotton blend. Soft, absorbent and affordable.

Cotton Prefolds

Geffen Baby 100% cotton prefolds are imported, available in 3 sizes; unbleached or organic. They are a very cost effective product.

Cotton Fitteds

Geffen Baby 100% cotton, snapless fitteds are imported, available in 3 sizes and are very absorbent. Add a hemp absorber for a night time solution. They fit a very wide range of babies, and the snapless design allows you to get a precise fit.

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