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What to Do When Your Baby Has a Diaper Rash

What to Do When Your Baby Has a Diaper Rash featured image

Diaper rashes are not fun for anyone — parents or babies. In fact, if you haven’t recently walked down the baby aisle near your pharmacy, you might be shocked to find out how many different products are available for both the prevention and treatment of diaper rash. This unpleasant situation is one that almost every parent does their level best to avoid completely, if possible.

At Geffen Baby, we offer an array of cloth diaper supplies to help you keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Whether you’re switching over to cloth diapers or you’ve used them before, you’re sure to find a better range of inserts, supplies, and covers than anywhere else. Shop our online cloth diaper store today!


When your baby has a diaper rash, you want to provide immediate and effective relief. Since it’s probably not feasible to let them go without a diaper — unless your idea of fun is cleaning up multiple accidents, you’ll need to find the right product to treat the rash. Ideally, you’ll want to find a mild hydrocortisone cream to soothe their skin and reduce any itchy or burning sensations. Depending on what your doctor says, you may also need to get an antifungal cream or an antibiotic to treat fungal and bacterial infections.


You’ve done everything you know to keep your baby’s skin dry and free from diaper rash, and yet somehow, they’ve managed to develop a rash. While you’re likely already following the treatment plan prescribed by your pediatrician, it’s a good idea to look at your lifestyle to see what additional home remedies you can put into place.

  1. Keep the diaper area dry and clean — while this can be a bit of pain, try to change your baby’s diaper as soon as it becomes wet or soiled. This is the best way to ensure that their diaper area stays as clean and dry as possible, and promotes quicker healing of the rash.
  2. Increase airflow —Geffen cloth diapers are great for allowing air flow.  The hemp content in our diapers will keep you baby dry.  As an alternative, you can  let your baby go without a diaper for short periods of time several times a day to help air out the skin. Avoid plastic diaper covers. 
  3. If you plan on using ointment, paste, cream, or lotion, we suggest using liners since some creams can cause cloth diapers to repel or stain. Since many diaper rash products are available without a prescription, talk to your pediatrician to see what they recommend. No matter which product you select, be sure it is designed to be used on babies as their skin is much more sensitive than adult skin.

Alternative Medicine

If you prefer to go a more natural route when treating your baby’s diaper rash, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of options at your disposal. 

  1. Witch hazel — applying an ointment made with witch hazel can help clear up your baby’s diaper rash.
  2. Human breast milk — there are studies with mixed results about the effectiveness of breast milk on a diaper rash. While there is nothing definitive to say that this will produce effective results, there is no harm in trying it either.
  3. Calendula and aloe vera — each of these items has been found to be an effective treatment in eliminating diaper rash.
  4. Shampoo clay (bentonite) — not only is shampoo clay an effective treatment for diaper rash, it also appears to work more quickly than calendula.
  5. Other substances — other natural remedies have been tried, but further study is required to prove their effectiveness. These attempted remedies include: evening primrose and a mixture of honey, olive oil, and beeswax. Since some of these substances may promote bacterial growth, be sure to check with your pediatrician first.

Doctor Appointment

While most diaper rashes can be safely and effectively treated at home, you’ll want to make an appointment with your pediatrician if the rash won’t clear up or gets worse. If you need to see the doctor, be sure to write down your observations to help them make an accurate diagnosis.

  1. List your baby’s signs and symptoms, including how long your baby has had them.
  2. List any information about medical conditions your baby may have, as well as their food intake.
  3. List products that your baby’s skin is regularly in contact with.
  4. List any questions you may have for the doctor.

Use Organic Cloth Diaper Supplies

At Geffen Baby, we believe one of the best things you can do for your baby is to use organic cloth diapers. Not only will you be able to relax knowing there are no harsh chemicals in our products, but you’ll also provide your baby with soft fabric diapers that won’t irritate their skin. Be sure to shop our online cloth diaper store today!