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Do you dare to replace all your inserts with prefolds?

Did you know that you could replace ALL your inserts with prefolds?
We’re not suggesting that you should do that, but you could, because prefolds can be used in any situation.
Want to know how?
☀️If you have a light wetter, 100% organic or unbleached cotton prefolds are for them. They have 4-8-4 layers and will give you 16 layers of absorbency when folded.
☀️If you have a heavy wetter, try hemp/organic cotton jersey prefolds or 100% cotton prefold + absorber.
☀️For naps and car rides, hemp/organic cotton jersey prefolds are great.
🌙Hemp/organic cotton fleece prefolds will be enough to have a dry night (+12 hours)
🌙XL Hemp/organic cotton jersey prefold can also be great for nighttime
🌙XL hemp/organic cotton fleece prefolds are specific for heavy wetters (approx. 23oz)
Both hemp/organic cotton prefolds are 4 layers, so they’ll give you a total of 12 layers of absorbency.
They all come in different sizes and different levels of absorbency, but rest assured that following this guide and choosing the size based on your child’s size you’ll have the absorbency your baby needs.
If you want to take a closer look at the differences between them, check out our product info/size chart
Best thing, once your kid is out of diapers you can repurpose them or sell/donate for other families to keep using them!
What would you do with them past your diapering days?