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All you need to know about cloth diaper inserts

all about cloth diaper inserts

Inserts: What are they?

Inserts are the absorbent part of the diaper, they catch pee (and poo if you place them against the skin). That’s why we call them “Absorbers”

Most of our absorbers are made with natural fibers: 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. Hemp and organic cotton combine some amazing features:

🌱They’re quite absorbent
🌱They’re antimicrobial
🌱They are gentle on the skin, preventing rashes.

Plus, its production is chemical-free and sustainable.

There are different sizes to choose from, so you have the size and absorbency your baby or kid needs: newborn, regular (for one size diapers) and plus (for XL or size up diapers)

They can be placed inside a pocket diaper or laid inside a cover. Pockets and covers add the waterproof element to lock the moisture inside and keep your baby’s clothes dry 👏

 How to choose the right absorber for your baby?

To choose an absorber, you have to take into account 2 things:

Size of your baby and diapers

If you’re using newborn diapers: newborn (NB) absorbers are the way to go.
If you’re using one size diapers: choose regular absorbers or absorbers plus if your little one is on the last rise setting or will be soon.
If you’re using XL diapers: absorbers plus are the perfect fit for them.

You can always use a smaller size absorber as boosters and bigger sizes folded in the front. 

Absorbency needs

If your baby is a light wetter: Try the Quick Absorbers. They have 5 layers of 60% hemp/ 40% organic cotton jersey. They’re the thinnest absorbers!
If your baby is a medium wetter: Try the High or Ultra Absorbers. High Absorbers  have 3 layers of 60% hemp/ 40% organic cotton jersey and 2 layers of 60% hemp/40% organic cotton fleece; and Ultra Absorbers have 4 layers of microfiber terry.
If your baby is a heavy wetter: Try the Super Absorbers, they’re made of 5 layers 60% hemp/ 40% organic cotton fleece. They have the thickest material, which provides the highest absorbency.

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how many inserts you should use, but usually is between 1 and 2 for daytime use. Keeping some extra absorbers come in handy, not only to boost if needed but also to have an extra set between washes (inserts usually take longer to dry than covers and pockets).

Check our size chart to find out more about them and how they compare to each other.