I'm so thrilled with the softness and absorbency of the prefold diapers!  Perfect for my baby.  Thanks Geffen!

Baby is drier, the cloth is so soft and keeps wetness away from his bottom.  I really impressed with the savings since I made the switch to cloth.  Thanks a lot Geffen.

I knew these were supposed to be soft, but seriously - I want a blanket made out of this!

This is my new go to night time diaper! It is so soft, and so absorbent!

They are really trim under my wrap covers and baby boy could wear actual age sized bottoms and onesies.

I cannot tell you how great these absorbed for my super soaker side sleeper. Not one leak at naps.

I love how absorbent these are! I never had a leak.

These pre-folds worked so well, even at night, that they are my new go-to insert to stuff in her night time diapers!

Loved these prefolds. Now I need to get more.

The BEST diaper we have EVER used. Period. SUPER absorbent.

It was very trim on him, in fact the most trim diaper we have used for night time.

We love these prefolds at night. He woke up dry and happy! These were extremely soft!

They kept his skin dry and absorbed everything. I am normally not a fan of prefolds but I love these. I have never had a prefold feel so soft.

I LOVE the absorbency of these prefolds! These are amazing for overnight use the most absorbent diapers I have ever used!!

They are amazingly absorbent for nights. I love that this is a prefold that is manufactured in the USA.

Love the softness and absorbency of the diaper. This will be my go-to (if they're clean) for night-time and long trips!

I was too excited to fully prep the prefold, but it still held up through the night! 12hrs w nursing multiple times & NO leaks.

By far, my favorite prefold is @GeffenBaby

Totally, completely, 100% sold on @GeffenBaby hemp prefolds for overnight. 1 PF, no doubler, 14 hrs, 2 bottles, NO LEAKS!

The GeffenBaby prefold is so trim I thought I mistakenly put a regular diaper in the overnight stack!

Your wipes are fast becoming favorites! Can't wait to try your other products

GeffenBaby it is my sole nighttime solution for my heavy wetter now.

Your quick absorbers fit wonderfully in our thirsties duo wraps! Even with 2 absorbers in the wrap it is still trim! We love them!

I am loving the new 5-layer hemp/organic cotton inserts I am now carrying from Geffin Baby! They are trim yet quite absorbent. I am happy with using one insert during the day, but at night I like to double them up :) These can also be placed directly against Baby's bottom with my newborn diapers for added absorbency.

I’m pleased to say the inserts I tried are quite absorbent, and nicely shaped, sturdy, and handy for including in a pocket or under an insert.

The trimness of the Absorbers allows for you to add one or two to a diaper without significantly increasing the bulk.

I am happy to say that even when wiping a very nasty 27 month old bottom I didn’t get my hand soiled. It does look like the solid is going to “pass through” the single layer but it doesn’t.

Geffen Baby prefolds when combined with their amazing Super Absorber Universal insert and stuffed inside a stay dry insert cover make for a successful nighttime solution for my little guy.

The first thing I noticed about this item is how soft it feels.

This is equivalent to a disposable in trimness. It's very trim and all his pants easily fit over this diaper!

They are generously size, very soft, trimmer then most and seemed very well made. They are different then other prefolds.

she slept about 8-10 hours with this worn both as a traditional prefold and trifolded in a pocket diaper.
Read more at http://www.reallyareyouserious.com/2012/07/geffen-baby-hemp-prefold-is-super-thirstyreview-and-giveaway.html#8zmgmjwFdrG3y56h.99

I love using these Geffenbaby flats overnight in an Applecheeks envelope cover.

... these prefolds have been plenty absorbent for Everett’s needs overnight. The Jersey prefolds are so soft I like leaving Ev coverless in them. Both are very absorbent and they have been wearing like champs for the past few months.

Never has a product surprised me as much as this one. It is so incredibly trim, soft, and absorbent as all heck.

My husband picked him up and asked if he was wearing a disposable.

The are durable enough to clean up the biggest messes, but thin enough to get into all the little nooks and crannies that babies have.

Not only is it incredibly absorbent, but the rumors proved true. These prefolds are LUXURIOUSLY soft. Could someone make a blanket out of these for me? Please-and-thank-you.

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